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Get in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city life, be it for shopping or business, city packages are available for any budget.
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Johannesburg - Garden Court Sandton City
Garden Court Sandton City
Offers from R3455
Cape Town - Southern Sun Cullinan
Southern Sun Cullinan Hotel
Offers from R4603
East London - Premier Hotel Regent
Premier Hotel Regent
Offers from R2649
Phuket - 4* Phuket and Krabi 8nts
4* Phuket and Krabi 8nts
Offers from R16943
Johannesburg - The Palazzo at Montecasino
The Palazzo at Montecasino
Offers from R5348
Durban - Sunsquare Suncoast
Sunsquare Suncoast
Offers from R2904
Barcelona - Royal Caribbean - Western Mediterranean
Royal Caribbean - Symphony of the Seas - W Med
Offers from R34214
Cape Town - Hollow on the Square
Hollow on the Square
Offers from R4245
Winelands - The Devon Valley Hotel
The Devon Valley Hotel
Offers from R4045
Cape Town - Southern Sun Cape Sun
Southern Sun Cape Sun
Offers from R4131
Paris - France by Train
France by train
Offers from R9307
East London - Quarry lake Inn
Quarry Lake Inn
Offers from R3373
Johannesburg - Gold Reef Theme Park Hotel
Gold Reef City Theme Park Hotel
Offers from R3399
Miami - Miami to Orlando (Self-drive)
Miami to Orlando
Offers from R8776
Winelands - Spier
Offers from R3889