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South Africa

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Cape Town - Signal Hill Lodge
Signal Hill Lodge
Offers from R2528
Cape Town - Hotel on St Georges
Hotel on St Georges
Offers from R2533
Cape Town - Cape Town Lodge Hotel
Cape Town Lodge Hotel
Offers from R2610
Cape Town - Townhouse Hotel
Townhouse Hotel
Offers from R2857
Cape Town - The Mojo Hotel
The Mojo Hotel
Offers from R2925
Cape Town - Mouille Point Village
Mouille Point Village
Offers from R2937
Cape Town - Garden Court Nelson Mandela Boulevard
Garden Court Nelson Mandela Boulevard
Offers from R2970
Cape Town - ONOMO Hotel Cape Town Inn on the Square
ONOMO Hotel Cape Town - Inn on the Square
Offers from R3004
Cape Town - Camps Bay Village
Camps Bay Village
Offers from R3031
Cape Town - SunSquare Cape Town Gardens
SunSquare Cape Town Gardens
Offers from R3045
Cape Town - La Splendida Hotel
La Splendida Hotel - Mouille Point
Offers from R3116
Cape Town - Simons Town Quayside Hotel
Simons Town Quayside Hotel
Offers from R3124
Cape Town - Dolphin Beach Hotel
Dolphin Beach Hotel
Offers from R3128
Cape Town - Mandela Rhodes Place Hotel
Mandela Rhodes Place Hotel
Offers from R3139
Cape Town - Lagoon Beach Hotel
Lagoon Beach Hotel
Offers from R3252